To Solve the Legal Problems of Business

Businesses count on John Mrosek to solve their legal problems with independent thinking and trusted insight. John has 25 years of experience assisting businesses with day-to-day issues such employment, contracts and collections to career defining moments such as purchases, sale and acquisitions or the times of extreme need such as litigation or financial challenge. Problem solving is our goal but if the litigation challenge arises, John has had hundreds of jury trials, bench trials and arbitrations, having served as a trial attorney, former prosecutor and former part-time judge. Clients have remained with John Mrosek for the long term, from incorporation start up to multimillion dollar sale, relying on John for trusted family advice and winning solutions. We earn that trust by always keeping one eye on the finish line–and the other on the bottom line.

As a lawyer representing the needs of small and medium size businesses, John offers skilled services at solving the many legal challenges that confront the modern enterprise. We provide our clients with solid experience—and surprising innovation. For 25 years, John has relied on cutting edge technology and resourcing to provide business clients with prompt and thorough solutions to business issues. Our services are local and national often with interdisciplinary teams from other firms that can provide sophisticated problem analysis upon request. Frequently, John will engage legal specialists to assist in solving clients needs.

In an age of costly and distracting litigation for businesses, John values the potential of alternative dispute resolution and recommends that businesses pursue every option to finding a sensible and efficient bottom line business solution. John is a licensed and trained arbitrator and mediator with the Georgia Supreme Court’s Office of Dispute Resolution. He understands and appreciates the value of litigation alternatives.